Growth Is a Process

If you always play the victim and never take accountability for your actions. You’ll always remain in the same place, same situations with the same outcomes.

Growth consists of putting your pride aside no matter how right you think you are.

It’s about admitting when you’re wrong even if you feel humiliated by your own actions.

It’s about acknowledging someone else is right and respecting their position.

It’s consists of giving credit to those that are in a better position than you without looking for a “flaw” to capitalize on or attempting to degrade them. Remember, you don’t know their struggles. This is their moment to shine. Respect it!

If everyone was wrong and you’re always the victim, then why aren’t you in the position you desire to be in? Don’t think long on this one and try to blame someone for how they made you feel or make another excuse as to how something got in the way. It’s you! You’re the common denominator.

You have to stop playing the victim and become the warrior of your life. Take control of the obstacles life has thrown your way and never forget the lessons it taught you. Carry yourself humbly, repent others and always be gracious.

That’s what growth is and you deserve it. Don’t sell yourself short. You have a legacy to create!™️

-Jessica Ramos

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