Watching my son become more independent and want to put himself to sleep has me in tears.

He was able to tell me he was hungry, what he wants for a snack and then said “goodnight mommy, I’m going to bed now” right after.

For those that have experience with autism, 6 months ago this would have been a 2 hour meltdown before he could tell me what’s going on and then would result in a sleepless night of maybe 3 hours of sleep-if we were lucky.

🔍📝🔒What I have learned…..📚

Don’t give up on your child if they need extra attention to be “normal”. Don’t ignore them when they’re trying to communicate to you. Listen to what they are trying to convey. They’re smarter than you think. They’re tuned a little differently and sometimes it’s more advanced than we expected. Never underestimate their abilities!!

🤔What did I do?
I incorporated some better eating habits. It’s still a challenge but I’m doing it as much as I can. Thank you Al Diaz & Charity Wise for your help.

😱😳I didn’t sleep for almost a year trying to enforce routine. It didn’t work. I learned that my son likes to be over stimulated to go to bed. Meaning, tv on, classical music in the background and tablet background noise. I also use the Himalayan salt lamp Charity gifted him because he truly admires his “potato” lamp and I use different types of calming essential oils. Yes‼️ It took all of that to finally have him sleep through the night. Almost 2 years to figure this out and I couldn’t have done it without the support of my fiancé too. He would stay up 3 days straight just so I can catch up on sleep because my body was shutting down. He tried his best to help Kaiden with his separation anxiety from me at night. He did an awesome job! ♥️

Once this was solved, routine became a norm to Kaiden and he loves it. 🙌🏽

We work on diffusing his anger by communicating and practicing breathing. I ask him “remember how Dr.G & Jacy ask you to breathe through the stethoscope?” (Yes, I use that word. Remember what I said-don’t underestimate their intelligence. My son likes to be spoken to like an adult-not a child). He laughs and says “yes mommy, you’re so silly” and he takes deep breaths in and out. We accomplished redirecting his anger. 🙌🏽💪🏽💙

I share this with you because just a couple months ago I was on here crying in my videos almost hopeless with my diary of an autism mom videos. I refuse to do a video now because all I will do is cry like a big old baby and will get nothing out lol 🙈🙈

🙏🏽I pray this post serves as a token of faith to those parents that feel like it won’t get better or are becoming hopeless. You are all they have. Keep fighting because it truly gets easier to handle as you learn their trigger points. It will always be a battle but when you work together with your child, instead of assuming you know what’s best-it Just has a tendency of working in everyone’s favor. I’m still learning but maybe this will help other #autism moms & dads. 💙💙💙

-Jessica Ramos

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