Words From A Devoted Mother: Coddling Kids

I have zero tolerance or sympathy for adults that still want to be handled like a child. It is important as parents, that we set our children on the path of independence so they can be resourceful and find their success. Yes, they are going to fall. Yes, they are going to come back home. Yes, they are going to get hurt by a lover and all of this is going to break your heart. However, experience makes people wiser so they can make better decisions in the future and be stronger.
Coddling your kids when they’re grown is hurting them more than you think. Teach responsibility. Teach respect. Teach sympathy and compassion. Teach them to be grateful. Teach them to not judge and to have an open mind/heart. Teach them to work for what they want. TEACH and don’t give up on them.
Your children are a reflection of you and what you learned. Make them stronger and smarter so they can impact the world in a way you weren’t able to.
Make sure your guidance encourages them to live their dreams, not yours.
– A devoted mother –

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